JayLee- Skinny or bust...

12 November

.*Eating Disorder Survey*.
Height?:5' 2"
Weight?:154 lbs
Lowest Weight?:112lbs
Highest Weight?:176lbs ( @ 9 months pregnant)
What weight do you want to weigh?:110lbs
What eating disorder do you have?:EDNOS
In Depth
How many calories do you eat in a day, on average?:500; no more
Do you throw up your food on occasion?:no
Do you want to look like a supermodel/actress?:i just wanna be thin
Are you in some sort of extracurricular sport, ie soccer or track?:no, but i exercise everyday.
Has anyone ever teased you about your weight?:yeah... it sucks.
Have you ever fasted? If so, for how long?:2 days...
Do you take laxatives to get rid of food/calories?:I have...It's not a everyday thing.
Are you 'inspired' by models/actresses?:A few....
Have you ever been hospitalised for your ED?:no
Have you ever ingested Ipecac to induce vomiting?:nope
Have you ever tried to recover from your eating disorder?:no.....
Body Image Q's
Do you constantly see yourself as fat, even though others say you are not?:Yeah in high school....
What part of your body would you change?:waist, hips, thighs.....
On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your body?:which way does the scale go? i hate my body.
Do you judge your value/merit solely on your weight/body?:no..... not always
Because of your body apperance/weight, have you become severely depressed?:i have before, but not presently....
Do you constantly compare your bodies to supermodels/actresses?:on occassion
Do you think you eat healthy enough?:VERY!
Are you morbidly afraid to eat carbs?:More afraid of calories than carbs
Fat grams?:I watch them closely...
Calories?:Ugh....Avoid as many as possible
Are you often tired/fatigued?:sometimes....
Do you feel more energised after eating food?:no.....
Do you eat meat?:fish and chicken.....
Do you eat your food in a certain way? ie cut it up into small pieces, etc.:small pieces or mash it.....
Do people tell you you look sick or famished?:no....
Have you ever thrown up blood?:nope
Is your heart bpm above 49?:no
Do you have fainting spells from lack of eating?:no
Other Stuff
Do you think the media is at fault for the prevalence of eating disorders?:yes and no
What's your opinion of Pro-Ana?:no opinion...we're gonna be who we are...
Do you have any other mental disorders? ie Bipolar, BDD, etc.:no
What's your favourite food to eat?:water
Favourite drink?:water
Do you often wish you didn't have an ED?:i don't; just a bad food relationship
Do you want to recover?:... no comment ...
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